Lauren Landry

Hi, I'm Lauren Landry. 
I'm a digital storyteller, editor, & strategist on a constant quest to find the "Why?"

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A bit about me

Storytelling is what's fueled my career. Understanding why
someone took the risk to launch that company or how a mother balanced earning her college degree with a full-time job and three children motivates me. 

Take a closer look at how those stories have come to life. →



HOW my mother summarized me in her journal 20+ years ago, which still holds true today and is all you need to know:

Her nickname is ‘Bugga,’ because she bugs me all the time and just won’t back off till I give in. Very stubborn and persistent. It scares me—she’s so much like me. Knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it.
— Marilyn Landry, circa 1992