Summer Storytelling

The question on everyone’s mind: Where has the summer gone?

Soon, we will be sipping on Pumpkin Spice Lattes (now with actual pumpkin in them!), praying our fantasy football teams don’t fumble, and trekking to vineyards and apple orchards, clad in cableknit. It will be heavenly.

Personally, fall also means the start of graduate school. I have enrolled in Northeastern University’s Media Innovation program, which I coincidentally wrote about at BostInno here and here. For a whole lot more awesome, check out Storybench, the program’s “under the hood guide to the future of digital storytelling.”

Going along the media innovation theme, this June I had the pleasure of speaking at Maine Startup & Create Week on a panel called “New News Media: Staying relevant in the evolving face of news media.” The panel was packed with brilliant people I feel so thankful to have been sitting alongside of, and I am excited to see where my home state of Maine’s innovation economy is headed.

The Knack Factory produced a video summarizing the panel, which you can check out below. The media landscape is evolving and, because of that, it is growing increasingly harder for startups  to get their story out. My advice? Determine the audience you’re trying to each and the story you’re trying to tell early.

What kind of story will you be spending the rest of the summer trying to tell?

Lauren LandryComment